WrightCo is a full-service environmental health and safety consulting firm. We make sense of the science and human factors affecting your unique early care and education facility.

The assessment establishes the cause and effect relationship of areas that need improvement and provides cost-effective solutions. It’s an independent confirmation of your programs physical plant, its health, and safety disposition, manpower needs, supervision requirements, equipment and supply needs. We work with clients to develop strong Facilities Management and Custodial Services Supervision, solve problems, and implement new cleaning systems.


  • Is your cleaning staff right sized?
  • Are you getting too many cleanliness complaints?
  • Do your cleaning specs match the actual cleaning you are performing?
  • Do you need help writing a Request for Proposals?
  • Call us for help with sanitary and maintenance issues?


  • Is your budget shrinking?
  • Do you need proven cost-saving solutions?
  • Are cleaning requests increasing while your cleaning staff is decreasing?
  • Do you get a good return on equipment investments?
  • Do you need to workload based on time, task, or team cleaning?


  • Is your cleaning staff sharing the workload equally?
  • Do you have high turnover among your cleaning staff?
  • Does your cleaning staff have the right tools and equipment for the job?
  • Are your cleaning tasks being performed at the right time?
  • Does your staff need additional training or specialized training?
  • Would you like supervisory training and a custodial monitoring system?


  • Have you considered alternative approaches to cleaning?
  • Do you need to adopt or adapt a Green Cleaning program?
  • Are you getting the most out of your cleaning program organization?
  • Have you considered and adopted industry best practices?
  • Would you like to have performance cleaning audits?

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We’ve been busy helping clients maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their custodial operations by assessing their facilities to determine man-hour, equipment, chemical and supply needs. (click here Benefit of a Facility Assessment) We’ve measured nearly 1 million square feet, work-loaded and found efficiencies in an effort to help clients do more with less without sacrificing quality.


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